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Peter Popoff: How His Ministry has Hit Thousands of people Around the world

Posted on July 31, 2013

Back then, there was a person named Peter Popoff who was called by God's values, he reached out to the people from Eastern Europe and to its underground church that had been persecuted by the Communist group.

Before relocating to the U . S ., the father and also the grandfather of Peter have experienced being tortured as a result of fighting for what they fervently believed. Peter's father together with the family made it possible to get away from Berlin and lived in the US in 1950, although they were harassed by the Communist authorities. Through these unforgettable experiences in his younger years , Peter sensed the call to accomplish the will of God and so he joined the ministry.

* He started building the Peter Popoff Ministries in 1971, the same year when he wedded his wife Elizabeth after finishing from college.

*It was in a radio program in which Peter begun his mission to spread God's words all over America. He existed in a time of continuous discord, that is why he spread God's word to the people of Eastern Europe and China through leading the Bible smuggling operations to these places.

*Popoff used his self-proclaimed faith healings and preaching ways to profoundly penetrate to his revival attendees and especially to those refused and ill-treated churches.

*It was in 1980's and 1990's where Peter Popoff was utilizing helium filled balloons as a way to deluge the cities with God's good news. These packets filled with Gospels that are placed in watertight containers are drifted afloat to areas where practicing religious beliefs is restricted. This Gospel invasion was a success.

*Until this very day, underground Christian believers are grateful for Peter's effort in speaking the good news. Peter Popoff helped them draw out the spiritual life they have from inside.

* As Peter points out, God's words can penetrate "closed doors" by all means, be it by land or sea. Starting groups can drop Gospel books into the sea, fill balloons with tracks, or do anything, to take the Word of God to the coast line of countries closed to the Gospel. Peter Popoff directly or indirectly sent out a great deal of Gospel literature worldwide.

* Evidently, crowds from distant areas also gather around Reverend Popoff in hearing him preach and to feel the force of God through him. In the area of Odessa, Russia, over 30,000 people gathered in one service just to see God's miracle-working touch in setting the people free.

* Since his childhood, Peter believed he was called to reach the world with the Gospel. His heart was brimming with devotion and passion in saying the good news of God's love to all people.

* Popoff began a television show in 1982, which enabled individuals to know and listen to him preach conveniently. Nowadays, his powerful weekly show can be noticed on major TV networks across North America and is carried by satellite to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

* Peter Popoff was the one who brought the ministry which revealed the wonder of Jesus Christ for a span of 40 years.

Reaching out and holding hurting individuals with the good news of the Gospel has always been at the heart of Peter Popoff Ministries. By his evangelistic acts and ministry, a lot of people were healed.



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